Monday, December 29, 2008

Uphill Both Ways

You know how as children our parents told us about walking miles to school in knee-deep snow, and we thought they were just exaggerating – and you never thought you’d tell those kinds of stories to your own kids. Then one day it happens, you find yourself telling your offspring how good they have it today - how when you were a kid you had to actually get up off the couch to change the channel, you only had 4 TV stations, and the only time cartoons and kids’ shows were on was on Saturday mornings. Yep, I’ve done it. Guilty as charged.

My latest transgression: generic Christmas gifts. When I was growing up, as you made the rounds to see family over the holidays you could be guaranteed that some relative that you only see once a year would generously hand you a gift. As your mom was telling Great Aunt Addie that it was so nice of her to think of you, you were eagerly unwrapping your gift to find – socks.

Now mind you, I have nothing against socks – I’ve enjoyed wearing every pair I’ve ever gotten (as much as anyone can enjoy socks anyway). And it really was very thoughtful of them to remember me (and my feet)!

My girls each received some “generic” gifts this year, and I have to confess – I’m jealous. No socks for kids today. No, my daughters got gift cards from Chipotle! and Starbucks! and iTunes! and cash!

Now those are gifts that are worth kissing dear Aunt Addie (even with her mustache) to thank her.


Brian said...

nice blog.
I was just out inviting other bloggers to my new home and lawn blog.

grace and peace,

goooooood girl said...

i like your blog......

Kelly Syferd said...

We had this neighbor growing up. She was from Macedonia, spoke broken english and was a love. Everyone called her Baba. She always gave me a Christmas gift because I would mow her grass and take her to the store. One year she gave me underwear. My very own 2-pack of granny panties. I remember opening them, my mother giving me the death stare and whispering to go over and thank Baba for the wonderful gift. She meant well.

Cammie said...

19 minutes is AWESOME. I love Jodi P!!

Coleen Wheeler said...

LMAO....As a mother of 4 I have done exactly what you describe in your first paragraph. And I, too, wish gift cards had existed when we were kids! Though I did have one "uncle" who would give us each $100. I think he was more than an "uncle" but who am I to say (he wasn't anyone's brother, BTW).