Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Deck the Halls

The decorating is done - all 21 boxes of decorations, garland, bows and wreaths. The tree is up and lit, complete with all of our many ornaments we've collected over the years. Our "collection" of Christmas golf characters (golfing Santa, snowmen and nutcrackers holding golf clubs) is displayed on top of the old library card catalog in the living room, along with a mini tree with all of the golf ornaments. My snowman collection is properly displayed and lit above the kitchen cupboards. The mantle is decorated and stockings are ready to be hung on Christmas Eve. Everything looks beautiful and festive.

And now ... nothing. I have no great drama, plot or moral to this post (hard to believe, I know). We have no company coming to stay with us over the holidays. No one is coming over to visit even - it is all for us. We just get to enjoy it.

So the purpose of this post? To send out an open invitation: if you have a free evening, or you're in town and want to get together, give us a shout, a call, or an email. We'll break out the eggnog, the cheese & crackers and the beef log ('cause you can't entertain during the holidays without 'em). We'll find a time - we'd love to entertain and spend time with all of you.

I was going to include some pictures of our decked out halls, but you'll just have to come over and get the full effect.

Fa la la la la, la la, la, la.

1 comment:

WineLover said...

1. 21 boxes - I'd have to have SO much wine to get that all out and up

2. I don't think it's odd at all that you have a library card catalog in your living room - because we do too. I'm wondering if the non-library folks think that it's odd?

3. Before I even got to the open invitation I was thinking "We must go see all these decorations!" so we'll have to find a time. I bet it's beautiful!!