Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Inci-dental Advances

The last visit to our dentist was in a small office in the basement of a medical building. We've been going to Dr. D for years, so when he had his own office built and it was still close by, I scheduled our appointments for our regular checkups at the new office. My girls and I were very surprised by the spa-like atmosphere when we walked into the new waiting area. Even more surprising was the big flat-screen tv on the wall - at the old office you were lucky to find a magazine from the current calendar year.

Beyond the waiting room, the exam rooms were equally surprising. The x-rays were all done on the computer - no more developing films. The hygienist even used a small pen-like camera to take a close-up picture of K's tooth that had a cavity so that Dr. D could get a good look at it blown up on the computer - very cool! A computer in each exam room had our dental records, x-rays, even the appointment calendar so the hygienist can schedule follow-up appointments right then and there.

Ah, but the best part was the tv on the ceiling above each exam chair, complete with remote control and headphones. I have heard about dental offices with these high-tech improvements, but never really thought my dentist would have them. I ended up having a root canal the following week - and I have to say that while it wasn't a fun experience, I really didn't mind it that much. Was it because I was distracted watching Law & Order: SVU? Was it that I couldn't hear the sounds of what they were doing because of the headphones? Did all the new technology make it hurt any less?

All I know is, the OB/GYN could definitely take a lesson from this!