Friday, October 30, 2009


I love my kids and their friends. It seems I'm always driving them from one activity or another, or transporting them between each others' houses. These rides are little peeks into their microcosm, I gain a lot of insight just listening to their conversations.

The following is a real conversation, and I just have to share. (I won't use any names so as not to embarrass anyone!)

We were driving down the street and stopped at a traffic light. Standing near the corner was a gentleman holding a sign:

"Homeless vet, need $."

I didn't give him a second look or thought. But he caught the eye of one of my passengers.

"Did you ever wonder?"

I waited to see what she was wondering. I was expecting something along the lines of: How do people end up homeless? or Where are his friends and family? But no, what followed was so much more.

Passenger #1: Did you ever wonder? Where do the homeless people get the marker to make their sign? I mean if you have enough money to buy a marker to make a sign, you have enough money for a hamburger. I'd sooo buy a hamburger instead of a marker.

Passenger #2 interjects: You'd just steal the marker to make your sign.

Passenger #1: If I bought a hamburger and I stole a marker, I'd get kicked out of my house - then I'd really be homeless. I'd have a marker, but I'd have to move into someone's basement and live with them.

Passenger #2: You could move into my basement.

Passenger #1: And I'd still have a hamburger!

I sooo love this great adventure of raising kids!


WineLover said...

too funny :-)

Bree said...

That is a wonderful story- funny but I like the logic! I was seeing the pwcbus hashtag on twitter today and followed u in from that. I am local, do a family event site and totally enjoy finding other locals folks, I knew there were more out there and slowly but surely I am beginning to find them- thanks, your posts are very nice- sorry about that old time friend- I sometimes wonder about some of my antics back in the day and what those now adult people would view me now- Have a great week....glad you had fun at the event. @MacKidNWClumbus or @BreeBees