Tuesday, July 28, 2009

K's Great Adventure - part 2 - The Statehouse

Four days into their rehearsals and preparations, the choir made a trip to the Ohio Statehouse. We hadn't seen K since we dropped her off, we hadn't talked to her in 2 days, so I was anxious to go downtown on my lunch hour and try to see their performance. I took D to work with me so she could tag along too.

We parked in the garage under the Statehouse and made our way to the west lawn where they were scheduled to perform. The buses were lined up across from the Ohio Theater and the risers, flags, keyboard, and other equipment was set up awaiting the choir. D and I talked to one of the AOSFYC staff that was there and were told that the kids were touring the Statehouse and would be singing an impromptu concert inside before coming out on the risers. So we headed inside.

There were the kids, looking very impressive in their uniforms for the first time, all lined up on one side of the rotunda. I scanned the section on the left that I knew were the altos, looked through everyone there, and didn't see any sign of K. Since we hadn't talked to her in a couple of days, the thought crossed my mind that maybe she was sick and didn't get to come. I finally asked one of the AOSFYC staff and was informed that they were waiting on one last group - the director's group actually. A couple minutes later, the stragglers joined the others (K included - she looked so grown up all of a sudden!) The director stood in the center of the beautiful marble floor with the choir forming a double ring around the rotunda. "The acoustics in the rotunda are amazing and the room has a 5-7 second reverberation!" They performed the Star Spangled Banner:

Then they made their way outside to the risers for their scheduled concert. All of the rehearsing was evident - it was a great concert. I can't wait to see them at the fair.

We did get to talk to K. We found out that she was having cellphone issues - it wouldn't turn on or charge so she had no way to call us. Before we left the concert, I gave my cellphone to the alto section leader to give K when they returned to the dorms so we are back in contact with her.

Opening ceremonies of the fair are tomorrow morning and the choir is performing. My husband is heading to the fairgrounds before going in to work so he can see her (and video so I can see it!).


Julie said...


I'm all choked up and I wasn't even there! I can't imagine what it was like being in the rotunda and hearing that in person. Simply beautiful.

And I totally agree--when did she grow up? Isn't she about 7? I'm sure time has stood still.

K. is a beautiful young woman. You should be proud.

Greg Syferd said...

Wow, that was awesome! Thanks for sharing!

Cat said...

Wow - this is so cool. K should be proud, you and J should be proud! That vid is amazing. I wish I could have heard it. I love going to hear the choir every year at the fair. Sorry I had to miss it this year. Will she do it again next year, do you think?