Friday, June 5, 2009

Brag Blog - Part B

So I thought my last post would sum up the end of the school year - Ha!

Since I wrote that last post...

K passed all sections (scoring Advanced or Accelerated) of the OGT, meaning she is eligible to graduate from high school now. She won't have to retake any sections of the test, she just has to put in the time and earn credit hours for the next 2 years. That's a good feeling!

D was selected for a P.R.I.D.E. Award. (People, Respect, Involvement, Dedication, Education). The teachers nominate students for this award. Her nomination said she was selected for this award because she is hard-working, has insightful ideas, is an outstanding writer, is a nice person and a good friend. It ended with, "You are sweet and scholarly...what more can I ask!" We are proud of our PRIDE student!

Still not done though...

One of D's artwork pieces that was part of the Celebration of the Arts last month was selected to be framed and displayed permanently at the school! Only 4 pieces were chosen this year!

And finally...

The letter arrived last week saying K was accepted into the All Ohio State Fair Youth Choir! Over 600 high school kids from all around the state applied and they selected 200 for the choir. K will spend 18 days living in a dorm at the fairgrounds and singing 4-6 concerts each day of the fair. If you're planning on going later this summer, you'll have to try to catch one of their concerts. They are an awesome choir, she's going to make lots of new friends, and most importantly it looks great on college applications!

Okay, I think I have come to the end...for now anyway!

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Cat said...

What wonderful achievements for both girls! Of course you're proud! These things are great!