Monday, February 16, 2009

Finding My Voice

Today I woke up to find I had no voice. It seems like it happens every year, I get a cold that runs through various symptoms and eventually settles in my throat and I end up not being able to talk. My job requires me to take calls and provide answers - today I was able to squeak out a greeting and communicate, but I was very frustrated trying to make myself heard. You would probably ask: Why not take a sick day? And I would reassure you: I feel fine - very good actually, and we only get so many days each year - what if I really need this day later? So I went to work, did my job and helped others.

This voiceless day reinforces my new respect and appreciation for the Web 2.0 technologies. Much of my work interaction today took place through email. On the personal side, I was able to text my daughters and not worry about being heard. Twitter allowed me to converse with friends, colleagues and even my husband. And my Facebook provided me with the social interaction that would have had to wait till my voice came back.

My day with no voice may actually provide additional insight as I continue to encourage my office to engage in these new technologies. It definitely reinforces my motivation for staying current.

Whether I have anything to say or not, and despite not having a voice to say it, I have the means and connections to make myself heard.

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Cat said...

I totally agree with you about the benefits of 2.0 stuff when you're laid up! I would be completely insane and probably clinically depressed by now if it were not for the internet (and the fabbo hospital that has WIFI!)

Another benefit of this type of social interaction is that, when you're online, it's not as rude to suddenly fall asleep . . . at least not like it might be if we were together in person. I can hop online, play one round of Sudoku, take a nap, read a blog, take a nap, etc. I feel very fortunate.