Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Virtually Speaking

You’re reading this blog so you are witness to - and an essential part of - my personal efforts to stay current. You may have come here because you follow me on Twitter, or maybe you’re one of my friends on Facebook. All three are new ventures for me just this year. Also new for me in 2008 - a cellphone. I don’t get very many calls - almost exclusively from my husband and daughters - many days I don’t get even a single call or text. My kids make fun of me because I text so slowly – but I do text. I even use the lingo and abbreviations.

Before I began this technological exploration of sorts, I thought each of these things was simply a novelty – unnecessary and just a way to kill time. But the usefulness and importance has become obvious. The connections I have made and social networking that has resulted would never have been possible without this new Web 2.0 community.

I have always been a shy person, and I’m very introverted. (Are those two different things? Can you be shy and an extrovert? Hmm – now I’m curious. How about a poll? Answer to the right!) I was so shy and insecure growing up that I couldn’t see why anyone would want to be my friend - I even suspected that my mom may have paid my friends to like me and hang out with me. (Whoa, did I actually just admit that? I really must be feeling more secure these days!)

Small talk is uncomfortable for me – and frankly, I think I suck at it. It’s so much easier for me to communicate in a written format. Now through my social networks I have reconnected with old friends, made new friends, and gotten to know casual acquaintances much better. Hopefully they’ve all gotten to know me better too. I feel like I’m included and I’m part of something.

This isn’t any kind of personal epiphany or great revelation. It’s just me finding a place where I can be myself. In the words of Kool Moe Dee (didn’t know I was a closet rap fan didja?): “How ya like me now?”


largesse said...

Netter, I'm so sympathetic to everything you wrote in this post, and I agree with you about the web 2.0 community. I really like how no one is left out, and everyone participates to the extent he or she is comfortable.

Good to see you here, on Facebook, and on Twitter!

Kelleh79 said...

Thanks for sharing Netter. I'm so glad we got to meet at Happy Hour and have enjoyed getting to know you better through Twitter and Facebook. And for the record--I think you're great at small talk! :)

Julie said...

I never thought you were quiet or introverted. Maybe we were always just quiet and comfortable around each other? I always felt at ease with you and I'm looking forward to re-connecting with you! I miss your easy sense of humor and fun way of looking at the world.

Party on!