Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Going green, er... pink

Recycling again, but this time as inspired by "Pretty in Pink."

Remember that 80's teen movie? With Jon Cryer as the fabulous "Duckie," Molly Ringwald played "Andie," and Andrew McCarthy's wealthy character "Blane" ("His name is Blane? Oh! That's a major appliance, that's not a name!") was to take Andie to prom. Then when Andie's father buys her an awful second-hand dress and she gets another hand-me-down dress from her friend, she takes the dresses and reworks them into her own creation.

Great movie, awesome soundtrack, and perfect inspiration for K's homecoming dress. Instead of hitting the mall and trying on armloads of gowns looking for "the dress," a co-worker gave me some of her college-aged daughter's old dance dresses. K was instantly infatuated with one of them in particular. With some adjustments - cutting out excess fabric, sewing in some extra seams, getting rid of the puffy sleeves, and shortening it to tea-length - it is homecoming ready.

Now we just have to hope her date doesn't turn out to be a jerk like "Blane" in the movie, or her Daddy might make him the next recycling project!


Kelly Syferd said...

Love it!!

Erica said...

Great job! It looks adorable!

Anonymous said...

i totally love this picture.
love yooh<3

WineLover said...


giftofgab said...

I would love to see the original dress! Do you have any before pictures? What a fun project! Kailey looks beautiful! My multi-talented sister!!!!

"If you leave, I won't cry..."

PS- I just watched the move "The Pickup Artist" while I was working out the other day. Do you remember that movie poster on Katie's wall for years!!!?????

Netter said...

The first picture with the big white sleeves is the before pic. If you look really close you can tell its longer too - it was floor-length, I cut it off just above the bottom two white embroidered areas. And you can't tell from the picture but there are rhinestones in the embroidered parts too. And the back laces up - really pretty.