Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Which one are you?

Last night was D's turn to visit her school, get her schedule, find her locker, meet her teachers ... and WORRY. She is a worrier. What if I can't find my classroom? What if I can't get my locker open? What if I break my pencil? What if I don't have anyone to eat lunch with? What if..? what if...? what if? Aaaahhh! Needless to say, it was a bit stressful - for both her and me.
When we got home and I shared the story with her daddy, he asked her to come outside with him where he was grilling our dinner and had a chat with her. He tried telling her how a positive attitude can really make a big difference, but she wasn't quite getting it.
Then, being the good father that he is, he came up with a great analogy. He asked her, "Are you Eeyore? Or are you Tigger?" She completely understood what he was getting at, and thanks to my wonderful husband, overnight she has become the most bounciest tiggeriest Tigger there is and is truly looking forward to the first day of school tomorrow.
Which one are you? Are you Eeyore? Or are you Tigger?
Me? Definitely a Tigger through and through.


Jim Brochowski said...

Disclaimer: I "borrowed" the Tigger, Eeyore analogy from Randy Pausch, author of The Last Lecture.
Thanks Randy, and Thank you Netter for sharing that story.

I love you!


WineLover said...

T - I - double GA - ER!

god bless Randy and his family...

Kelly Syferd said...

Aww, what a great story.
How D & K have a great first day back at school!!

Kelly Syferd said...

I am just all full of typos today.
That should say HOPE D & K have a great first day back at school!