Friday, May 22, 2009

Brag Blog

It's hard to believe that this school year is ending in just a few days. Almost seems like we are on fast-forward sometimes.

Time to pause and take a minute or two (and a deep breath or two) and brag about my girls. End of the school year brings concerts, banquets and ceremonies for the various activities the girls are involved in. Honors and awards came our way once again - but it never gets old, it only makes us prouder.

The various concerts the past two weeks were great - you could tell they had worked hard all year to put on these performances. D's band (she plays the trumpet) played at their Celebration of the Arts and she had 3 art pieces on display as well. K's choirs had a Kaleidoscope concert, a Spring Sing, and finally the Show Choir had a Cabaret with the group dancing and singing show tunes. She even sang a duet from Guys and Dolls (Sue Me) and a solo from Cinderella (In My Own Little Corner).

K was invited to the academic awards ceremony at her school and earned a letter for her school coat for her outstanding GPA. Her drama awards banquet yielded another certificate (their musical "Bye Bye Birdie" this Spring was fantastic!). Then at the VMAs (that's Vocal Music Awards - they even dressed for the "red carpet!") K was presented with a letter for her school coat for her involvement in the vocal music department. So two letters for her coat now, guess we better get it ordered! She is most proud of the letter she earned for music, though her daddy and I are pretty darn happy about the academic one.

Miss D has us busting with pride - she was inducted into National Junior Honor Society! She got the letter saying she was nominated, she wrote her required essay and waited to hear. She is not a patient wait-er either. The school called and told us she had made it, but asked us to keep it a secret from her until the ceremony. It was so hard to keep telling her "Maybe next year" everytime she'd ask if we heard anything yet. The day of the ceremony they kept us parents hiding in the hallway as the students' names were called. And to keep them guessing, they didn't announce them in alphabetical order - then put D as the very last one named! It was quite a moment - she was thrilled (and a bit worried that her signature was so shaky from her nerves when she signed the induction book)! They gave them a medal which she immediately hung prominently in her room when she got home that day.

Looking back at the year, I wish I could rewind and do it all again - it's been a great year!